Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Minute Snack Ideas

I am ALL for making your own snacks and eating as much FRESH food as possible ... but I do have an understanding for the busy individual who works long hours (I can relate) and is always on the run. I am not a fan of excuses and I will not stand for them. I don't like to sound harsh but it is, what it is :)

That being said you might want to try a few of these snack options out as I came across them in the inter-webs:

They can be a bit pricey but if you have a little extra cash laying around and want a legit go-to snack that won't set you back in your goals, give these a shot. I have no association with these companies whatsoever FYI.

PS. I want to restate that I am all for FRESH food or even but bulk nuts/coconut/unsweetened dried fruit to pack yourself but this is all about convenience right? That's the world we currently reside in :)

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