Monday, August 20, 2012

A STELLAR NEW recipe APP! Totally FREE!

A new Recipe/Shopping List App for your iPhone or Android that is SO AWESOME. A MUST TRY for sure...

The app is called MyKitchen by The Food Lovers Kitchen @

Besides every single recipe (over 400) being approved as far as quality ingredients (No processed grains, sugars, oils) - there are a few awesome things that this app does. As a primal/paleo/ancestral nutrition believer, it can be difficult to find recipes that help aid my health, wellness, and body but this makes it super easy. 

You can register (Just email and pw) ... oh side note, the app is free ... okay back to it, so you can register and add a recipe that you want to make on a certain day and it will show up in your shopping list for that day, exactly what ingredients you need in order to make that dish! I plan on using this for ideas!

Enjoy some REAL food and make a TWEAK this week in order to upgrade your life. Feel better. Move better. Look better.

Get it!

PS. I am in no way affiliated with The Food Lovers Kitchen, FYI. :)

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