Monday, August 29, 2011

Do as I do - AND say! - Day 4

Not your typical day of food on this specific day. You will see that I have eggs throughout the day, this week in the form of soft/hard-boiled eggs but I don't always consume them at breakfast. These pictures are posted in sequence of my meals throughout the day. 

That in mind, remember that you don't always have to have breakfast food... for breakfast! I loooove having breakfast food like eggs and bacon for dinner! I don't know why or how this whole breakfast foods must be consumed in the morning shenanigans started but lets break that habit! Enjoy this days food and I hope I have inspired you to eat more fresh, wholesome foods... cooking is fun, enjoyable, therapeutic and tastes absolutely stellar! If you don't know how to cook you might want to buy a cookbook that helps you or take some cooking classes. Without further adieu...
Morning Conditioning = some carbs & protein (tapioca crepes!)

Breakfast of veggies and GF ground beef!

Delicious snack of almonds and coconut butter.

Small meal pre-workout.

Post-Workout: Awesome crepes, banana and whey with water!

Post-Workout: sweet potato!

A few eggs (cage free of course) with some veggies.

A couple more eggs with a little yams and veggies!

And finally a few toasted almond slivers!

Hope you all enjoyed what I ate :) Now get out there and please eat some good food that is good for you! Oh and lift some weights while you're at it! (I love dead-lifts and squats) Get it!

In Health,


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